A Guide to Conquering the Valorant Rank Boosting Arsenal

Valorant’s diverse gunplay is a cornerstone of its tactical depth. Mastering each weapon’s recoil, range, and situational strengths is key to dominating the battlefield. So, grab your favorite rifle, strap in, and let’s dissect the Valorant Rank Boosting arsenal, weapon by weapon!


  • Phantom & Vandal: These workhorses dominate mid-range with high fire rates and manageable recoil. The Phantom’s burst fire excels at close quarters, while the Vandal’s precision shines at longer distances. Spray Control Tip: Pull down gradually in a controlled burst for both guns. Practice on walls in the range!
  • Guardian & Bulldog: These heavy hitters pack a punch, ideal for holding angles and punishing peeking enemies. The Guardian’s single-shot accuracy excels at long-range, while the Bulldog’s sustained fire shreds at mid-range.
  • Spray Control Tip: Fire in short bursts with the Guardian and tap-fire the Bulldog for maximum accuracy.
Valorant Rank Boosting
Phantom & Vandal


  • Stinger & Spectre: These close-quarters beasts boast high fire rates and forgiving recoil. The Stinger’s laser-like precision reigns supreme, while the Spectre’s forgiving spray excels in rapid firefights. Spray Control Tip: Pull down slightly while spraying, focusing on short bursts for accuracy.
  • Ares: This LMG lays down a wall of lead, perfect for suppressing enemies and holding down sites. Its high ammo capacity compensates for its lower fire rate and higher recoil. Spray
  • Control Tip: Pull down firmly and consistently while spraying. Utilize cover to minimize exposure while firing.
Valorant Rank Boosting
Stinger & Spectre


  • Judge & Bucky: These pump-action shotguns demand precise aim but reward it with devastating one-shot kills. The Judge’s wider spread shines in tight corners, while the Bucky’s tighter choke excels at mid-range engagements. Tip: Aim for the head or center mass for guaranteed kills. Utilize quick peeks and corners to your advantage.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Counter-strafing: Move left/right just before shooting to negate movement inaccuracy, improving first-shot accuracy.
  • Crouch spamming: Crouching briefly while spraying can help control recoil, especially with SMGs. Use it sparingly to avoid predictability.
  • Peek firing: Quickly expose yourself from cover, fire a few shots, and retreat back into cover, forcing enemies to react to your unpredictable movements.

Weapon mastery is a journey, not a destination. Practice on the range, experiment in different situations, and most importantly, have fun! With dedication and these tips, you’ll be wielding any weapon like a pro in no time, dominating the Valorant battlefield like a seasoned agent.

Do you have any favorite weapon tips or tricks? Share them in the comments below and let’s build a community of Valorant masters!

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