At our company, we only work with the best of the best in order to give our clients the level of service that they expect and deserve. That’s why we’re looking for individuals who exemplify professionalism, have a strong work ethic, and come with a wealth of experience.

Job Application Form
  • Immortal 2 or above
  • Well mannered and friendly with customers
  • Well mannered and friendly with players in-game
  • Do not mind working on lower ranked orders
  • Do not mind playing with customers in a group
  • Prepared to work (play) at least 5 hours a day
  • Have a lesson plan or outline prepared
  • Available to coach at least 5 hours a week
  • Proficient in the language you plan on teaching in

The percentage amount you receive will be based on your performance.

Trial Period
50 Completed Orders
90 Completed Orders
130 Completed Orders

If you’re looking to join a supportive community and earn some money in the process, we encourage you to apply. Please take the time to read through the requirements carefully and make sure you meet them before submitting your application – we can’t consider applications that don’t meet the listed criteria. spammy or unprofessional submissions will be automatically rejected.