Sentinel agents represent the stalwarts of defensive strategy in Valorant Boost. They wield an array of abilities designed to fortify positions, gather intelligence, and impede enemy advances. These agents play a crucial role in anchoring defensive lines, offering support, and ensuring the protection of crucial choke points.

The Guardians of Strategy – Valorant Boost

From Killjoy’s deployment of mechanical defenses to Cypher’s mastery of intelligence gathering. Each Sentinel brings unique capabilities to the team, reshaping engagements and dictating the pace of the game. Sage’s adeptness at healing and wall construction, along with Chamber’s prowess with firearms, solidify the Sentinel role as a linchpin in securing victory through calculated defenses. Understanding the intricacies of these agents proves pivotal in orchestrating strategic victories, making them indispensable assets in Valorant’s tactical gameplay.

Killjoy: The Master of Automation


Armed with an arsenal of mechanical companions, Killjoy asserts dominance over sites, deploying her bots to lock down areas with an array of traps. While her gadgets are formidable, they are destructible, necessitating strategic placement for optimal effectiveness.

TurretDeploys an automated Turret covering a 180-degree cone, shooting enemies within range; retrievable and redeployable after a brief delay.
LockdownPlaces a device requiring 13 seconds to charge; when fully charged, disables enemies within its large radius for eight seconds, hindering their actions.
NanoswarmThrows a stealthed Nanoswarm grenade that, upon activation, releases damaging nanobots within its area; functions as a damaging zone.
AlarmbotSets a stealthed Alarmbot that activates and pursues enemies upon proximity, exploding and rendering them vulnerable; retrievable and redeployable.

Cypher: The Silent Observer

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Mysterious and enigmatic, Cypher specializes in intelligence gathering. His toolkit enables him to monitor enemy movements, utilizing various surveillance tools. They provide him with critical information, offering a crucial advantage to his team.

SpycamDeploy a Spycam at a location, allowing remote viewing and dart firing to reveal enemies; the Spycam is retrievable and redeployable.
Neural TheftThrow your hat at an enemy’s corpse to reveal enemy locations for your team twice, providing crucial information about the enemy team’s whereabouts.
TrapwireSet a stealthed Trapwire at a chosen point; when triggered by an enemy, it slows, reveals, and concusses them if not destroyed, hindering their movement and vision.
Cyber CageDeploy a Cyber Cage that, when activated, forms a cylindrical smoke; passing enemies trigger audio cues alerting allies of enemy movement.

Sage: The Supportive Guardian


Known for her supportive role, Sage isn’t just about healing. Her ability to block routes with ice walls and control the battlefield’s pace enhances defensive strategies. This makes her her a linchpin in holding choke points and fortifying positions.

Healing OrbTarget an ally for 100 HP heal or self for 30 HP; requires line of sight for ally healing.
ResurrectionRevive a dead ally back to life with full health.
Barrier OrbGenerate a 3-part destructible wall at a chosen spot; the wall can be rotated using alt fire.
Slow OrbThrow an orb that creates a slowing field upon landing, affecting players caught within the field by reducing speed.

Chamber: The French Virtuoso of Valorant Boost

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Chamber, the French virtuoso, amplifies the Sentinel roster with lethal expertise. His marksmanship and tactical acumen are a formidable force, even for seasoned adversaries. Their combined proficiency in information gathering, fortification, and combat expertise redefines defensive play. It reshapes engagements, and offering a nuanced strategic advantage.

RendezvousPlace a teleport anchor; reactivate inside its range for instant teleportation; can be recalled and redeployed.
Tour De ForceSummon a custom Operator with five faster-fire-rate bullets; enemy kills create a temporary slow field at their corpse.
TrademarkDeploy a trap scanning for enemies; triggers a slowing field if the trap isn’t destroyed after spotting an enemy.
HeadhunterEquip a high-damage custom pistol; each bullet costs 150 credits.

In Valorant’s intricate tapestry of agents, Sentinels stand as bastions of defensive expertise. Each member, from Killjoy’s mechanized prowess to Cypher’s enigmatic surveillance, Sage’s versatile support, and Chamber’s lethal proficiency. They reshape the battlefield with their unique skill sets. These Sentinels aren’t merely defensive titans; they embody strategic depth, influencing engagements and tipping scales in their team’s favor.

Their mastery of information, fortification, and combat reshapes defensive strategies, allowing for dynamic gameplay and calculated defenses. As guardians of strategy, Sentinels redefine the game’s tactical landscape, offering a symphony of precise plays and strategic depth. Through their ability to anchor defensive lines, Sentinels forge the path to victory. Solidifying their role as indispensable assets in Valorant Boost strategic ballet.

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