Haven is distinct for its triple-site design, setting it apart from other maps in Cheap Valorant Boosting. With three bombsites—A, B, and C—players must master diverse strategies to control and defend these areas. The map is split into various zones, including the attacker and defender spawn points, mid, and long passageways connecting the sites.

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Key Features

  • A Site: Positioned on the left side of the map, A Site features numerous entry points, making it challenging to defend.
  • B Site: Situated in the center, B Site offers various hiding spots and tight corners, creating intense firefight zones.
  • C Site: The rightmost site, C, is relatively open and allows for long-range engagements, but it’s also susceptible to flanking maneuvers.
  • Mid: Acting as a crucial connector, Mid provides access to all three bomb sites and serves as a pivot point for map control.

Strategies and Tactics


  • Split Push: Divide your team to apply pressure on multiple sites simultaneously. This strategy can overwhelm defenders and create openings for planting the spike.
  • Map Control: Prioritize gaining control over Mid to have access to all three sites. Use smokes and flashes to disorient defenders and secure favorable engagements.
  • Fakeouts: Employ fake rushes or noise at one site to draw defenders away, then swiftly rotate to attack another site where defenses might be weaker.


  • Site Specialization: Assign roles for each player according to their strengths. For instance, someone with long-range abilities might excel at defending C Site.
  • Information Gathering: Use agents with scouting abilities to gain intel on enemy movements and rotations, enabling your team to adapt and reposition accordingly.
  • Crossfire and Retakes: Position yourself strategically to establish crossfires, making it harder for attackers to push. Additionally, practice coordinated retakes with your team to regain control after a spike plant.

Agent Picks and Abilities

  • Sentinels: Agents like Killjoy and Cypher thrive in defending and gathering information. Their traps and cameras offer valuable insights and stall opponents.
  • Controllers: Agents like Viper and Brimstone can effectively block off key areas or deny entry points using their smokes and area denial abilities.
  • Duelists: Consider agents such as Jett or Reyna for aggressive plays and flanking maneuvers, disrupting enemy lines and creating openings for your team.
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Haven is a map that demands adaptability and diverse strategies. Learning the intricacies of each site, mastering map control, and utilizing agent abilities effectively are key to success. Whether attacking or defending, teamwork, communication, and quick decision-making play pivotal roles in achieving victory on this dynamic battleground.

By understanding the layout, honing tactics, and synergizing agent abilities, players can navigate Haven with confidence and elevate their gameplay in Cheap Valorant Boosting.

Remember, practice and experimentation are crucial to finding what works best for your playstyle. Good luck out there, and may your bullets always find their mark on the fields of Haven!

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