Map Overview

Split is characterized by its multi-level design. It features two bomb sites—A and B—connected by mid and flanked by defender and attacker spawn points. Verticality plays a significant role, with ropes allowing quick access to elevated positions and vents providing alternative routes. These characteristics make it one of the most exiting Cheap Valorant Boosting maps.

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Key Features

  • A Site: Positioned towards the defender’s side, A Site is open yet offers various hiding spots, making it challenging to approach.
  • B Site: Situated in a more enclosed area, B Site provides tighter angles and corridors, allowing for close-range engagements.
  • Mid: The central area connects both bomb sites through a high ground and ground-level paths, serving as a crucial point for control.

Strategies and Tactics


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Split Attacker Spawn
  • Map Control: Focus on gaining control of Mid to access both bomb sites efficiently. Utilize smokes and flashes to create openings and disorient defenders.
  • Split Push: Divide your team to pressure both A and B Sites simultaneously, forcing defenders to spread thin and creating opportunities for planting the spike.
  • Vertical Advantage: Utilize ropes and elevated positions to catch defenders off-guard and gain advantageous angles for engagements.


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Split Defender Spawn
  • Site Hold: Assign players based on strengths; some might excel at holding A Site due to its more open nature, while others might prefer the close-quarter combat at B Site.
  • Information Gathering: Agents like Cypher or Sova can gather intel using their abilities, aiding in predicting enemy movements and rotations.
  • Rotations and Retakes: Practice quick rotations to support teammates and coordinated retakes to regain control after a spike plant.

Agent Picks and Abilities

  • Sentinels: Utilize agents like Killjoy or Sage for area denial and stalling enemies’ progress with their abilities.
  • Controllers: Agents such as Omen or Astra can block vision or manipulate space, controlling crucial areas like Mid and providing strategic advantages.
  • Duelists: Consider agents like Phoenix or Jett for aggressive plays, utilizing their mobility to flank enemies or engage in close combat effectively.

Split’s vertical layout and tight spaces demand adaptability and precise execution. Understanding site dynamics, mastering verticality, and coordinating with your team are crucial for success. Whether attacking or defending, leveraging agent abilities and map knowledge can turn the tide of battle on this challenging map.

By honing strategies, optimizing agent picks, and mastering Split’s unique features, players can confidently navigate and dominate this complex Cheap Valorant Boosting battleground.

Remember, practice, communication, and a willingness to adapt your tactics are key to conquering the heights of Split. Good luck, and may your aim stay true amidst the heights of this tactical battleground!

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