VALORANT fans, get ready for an exciting update! The dev team is thrilled to introduce the Outlaw, a brand-new sniper rifle joining the fray in Episode 8 Act 1. We’re diving into the reasons behind expanding our weapon roster and the unique characteristics of this sniper.

Weapon Philosophy

In VALORANT, our weapon philosophy revolves around every armament having a purpose. With the Outlaw, we aimed to maintain this core principle. Our goal was to ensure clarity in the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon choice at the start of a round.

Designing a 2-Shot Sniper Rifle

Design Outlaw – RiotGames

The Outlaw fits between the Marshal and Operator in terms of power and price. Its standout feature? The ability to fire two powerful shots rapidly without losing zoom, although it comes with a lengthy reload time, offering a window of vulnerability.

We underwent extensive testing to ensure the weapon’s gameplay viability, leaving room for adjustments based on evolving meta dynamics, similar to past ammo adjustments in other guns. Sound design was crucial; we crafted distinct sounds for reloads, aiding player strategy and awareness in battles.

Unique Characteristics

Unique Characteristics – RiotGames

The Outlaw’s distinctive reload animations, timings, and slug-based shots differentiate it from other snipers. Its break-action design, unlike the lever-action Marshal or bolt-action Operator, gives it a visual edge. Plus, the slug rounds pack a serious punch.

Hitting the Range

Our aim with the Outlaw is to diversify sniper usage across various economic scenarios. Its damage output—capable of eliminating an opponent in Light Armor with a single body shot—adds a potent dynamic to the game’s current strategies.

We’ll vigilantly monitor the Outlaw’s influence on game balance and meta, prioritizing our philosophy. Your feedback upon its release becomes invaluable as we navigate this new chapter in VALORANT’s post-launch weapon additions.

As we venture into uncharted territory with the Outlaw, your feedback and gameplay clips will steer us on this new journey. This ensures a fresh and engaging VALORANT experience for years to come. Prepare to wield the Outlaw and showcase your best moves!

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