Controller Agents and their Impact in Valorant Boost

Controller agents stand at the forefront, wielding strategic prowess and tactical finesse to reshape the battlefield dynamics of Valorant Boost. These specialized agents possess an arsenal of abilities designed to control map territories, disrupt enemy movements, and dictate the flow of engagements. From Brimstone’s precision in smoke manipulation to Viper’s venomous control with toxic areas. Each agent brings a unique approach to command space and sway the battle in their team’s favor.

Omen’s enigmatic teleportation, Astra’s cosmic manipulation, and Harbor’s hydrokinetic prowess add layers of complexity, offering diverse strategies. Understanding and mastering these Controller agents’ intricacies are crucial in elevating gameplay. It unlocks opportunities for strategic maneuvers, and leading teams to victory through calculated manipulation and control on the battlefield.


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Brimstone stands as a commanding tactician in Valorant. He wields mastery over the battlefield through strategic smoke deployments that pave the way for his team’s success. Known for precise map control, he bolsters allies with buffs while showcasing formidable offensive capabilities through his Incendiary and Orbital Strike abilities.

His strategic prowess shines brightest in post-plant scenarios. His tactical arsenal becomes a critical deterrent, thwarting enemy defusal attempts and maintaining control over Spike locations.

Sky Smoke (Signature)Open a map to deploy up to three smokes that last about 19 seconds each, allowing strategic coverage of specific areas.
Orbital Strike (Ultimate)Call down a high-damage Orbital Strike on a designated area, causing substantial damage to opponents within the targeted zone.
Stim Beacon (Basic)Drop a Stim Beacon to create a buff field, enhancing movement speed, fire rate, reload speed, and recovery speed for you and allies within its vicinity.
Incendiary (Basic)Fire an Incendiary grenade that upon landing creates a fire zone, damaging any players caught in the area, commonly referred to as a “Molly” due to its similarity to Molotov cocktails.



Viper, the venomous chemist. Thrives on map control, using her Fuel resource to cast toxic walls and areas. Afflicting enemies with Decay via Toxic Screen and Viper’s Pit, while wielding Snake Bite and Poison Cloud for lethal control.

Fuel (Passive)A bar on the HUD ranging from 0-100; fuels Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen. When depleted, these abilities deactivate until fuel regenerates.
Toxin (Passive)Inflicts Decay on enemies moving through Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, or Viper’s Pit, reducing their HP.
Toxic ScreenDeploys a line of emitters through terrain, forming a Toxic Screen when activated. Can be toggled on and off.
Viper’s PitReleases a large gas cloud from Viper, afflicting enemies inside with Decay and highlighting them for Viper. Persists indefinitely if Viper stays; lasts 8s otherwise or upon Viper’s death.
Snake Bite (Basic)Hurls a Snake Bite projectile, shattering upon impact, creating a damaging poison area and making enemies vulnerable. Considered a Molly ability.
Poison Cloud (Basic)Emits a small emitter that Viper can activate, deploying a Poison Cloud (smoke), re-deployable after a brief delay.


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Omen, the enigmatic teleporter, blankets areas with Dark Cover through his Signature ability. Maneuvers behind foes with Shrouded Step, blinding and disorienting adversaries using Paranoia and infiltrating locations via From the Shadows.

Dark CoverOmen enters a phased map version, throws a shadow orb, creating a Dark Cover (smoke) upon landing.
From the ShadowsSelect a location on the map to teleport; initially, a Shade appears, allowing scouting before completing or cancelling.
Shrouded StepTeleport to a targeted area after a brief delay, enabling quick repositioning.
ParanoiaReleases a blinding orb that deafens and nearsights any enemy it hits, able to pass through walls.



Astra, a master of cosmic manipulation. Utilizes Stars strategically, enabling Nebula/Dissipate smokes. Employing Gravity Well to draw foes, while Cosmic Divide partitions the battleground, strategically denying sound and bullet penetration.

StarsAstral Form allows placing up to four Stars; reactivating them with other abilities causes various effects.
Nebula/DissipateActivating a Star creates a Nebula (Smoke); a part of the signature ability that creates a smoke at the star’s location.
Cosmic DivideWhile in Astral Form, link two points to create an impervious wall blocking bullets and sound for 21 seconds.
Gravity WellCreates a Gravity Well at a Star location, pulling enemies toward the center and making them vulnerable on explosion.
Nova PulseDetonates a Star, causing a concussive blast, affecting enemies caught in its explosion after a short delay.

Harbor – Valorant Boost

Valorant Boost

Harbor, the hydrokinetic Agent, erects water barriers with High Tide and hinders enemy movements with Reckoning. Strategically deploying Cascade as a moving wall and Cove as a defensive shield or a smokescreen.

High TideHarbor sends a controllable wall of water, slowing enemies passing through.
ReckoningHarbor summons a geyser, pulsating to concuss enemies within a circle if they stay after a brief delay.
CascadeHarbor emits a vertical wave of water, slowing players on contact; reactivation halts the wall.
CoveHarbor generates a 500HP bullet shield; when destroyed, Cove becomes a smoke screen for strategic cover.

The pivotal roles these Controller agents play in Valorant Boost pivot the game’s momentum, dictating strategic control, map manipulation, and tactical engagements. Mastering their intricate abilities enhances team strategies, offering a diverse range of options for control and domination on the battlefield.

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